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Matt Does The Makers of Sport Podcast!

Matt Does The Makers of Sport Podcast!

Matt sits down with Adam Martin of Makers of Sport Podcast to discuss Sports design, web design, mobile and more! Take a listen and let us know what you think!

“The number one thing that we have to do in life, is be humble and learn that we have so much we can improve on…if you take off a little small thing here and there that you probably can improve, that’s where you make the big gains. It’s not one thing, it’s always a number of little things. You scrape away, you scrape away, you scrape away – next you thing you know, you made a big dent.”

From the Makers of Sport Website:

Matt Walker of Walk Design joins the show this week to talk about designing for the multi-million dollar fantasy sports industry. You may know him for his work on the Fantasy Sports line at ESPN, including the ESPN Tournament Challenge app, as well as the ESPN Fantasy Football iPad app.

Matt’s been working in interactive design since its infancy and up until mid-2014 was lead creative for ESPN’s Fantasy Sports division.

In this interview, we jump right in discussing digital design and the things that accompany it – including designing in code vs. designing in Photoshop, idea execution, wireframing, staying up-to-date with technology, over-designing, the perfect world’s digital process and more.

Matt and I also do a deep dive on what it takes to be professional consultant versus a freelancer or technician and touch on the tactic of positioning one’s self to solve business problems rather than being a gun-for-hire.

Finally we touch on the heated topic of ideas, their worthlessness without execution and just going out there on the Internet and starting something.”


Matt Walker Chosen to Speak at #REMIXSOUTH Conference on October 19-20th in Atlanta, GA

Matt Walker Chosen to Speak at #REMIXSOUTH Conference on October 19-20th in Atlanta, GA

2:45 – 3:45
Creating a Mobile Game Plan to Working with Large Brands

In this talk Matt will talk about the challenge of working with large scale brands like ESPN (and some of Matt’s other clients).

Matt’s had over 16 years of experience with large brand, Matt’s encountered potential issues you need overcome and consider when putting them into the mobile space from a content and execution perspective.

Matt will also go into the challenges responsive design and other popular design trends could pose for large scale companies and I will use my new FFL iPad app as an example of how to solve those problems.


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