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Welcome to the number one lacrosse camp website in the world. Working hand in hand with Mark Millon himself, we have built a custom website to fit the needs of the camp to allow for greater emphasis on video instruction as well as more interaction with the campers and future campers.

Mark Millon is one of the greatest lacrosse players in the history of the sport and he wanted a site to reflect the quality and energy he brought to the sport as a player and as a camp instructor. With the new video features as well as a the custom Twitter and Facebook presence, Mark is going to be able to teach each player directly with all of the tips and tricks he has developed over his distinguished career.

We have taken a huge step forward in the type of sites we are going to offer at Walk Design. The Millon Lacrosse Camps site is the first of many sites where we have developed a fully custom back end content management system as well as the latest social network integration like Facebook connect. We are aggressively bringing the latest third party innovations to our sites to increase their reach and establish a strong social network brand experience.

Keep watching we have a lot more coming soon!

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