CC and launch to Critical Success!

CC and launch to Critical Success!

It was a big day at Walk Design when we launched the all new websites for CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees. The launch signaled a new age for us with a stronger emphasis on multi-channel communications. We are now utilizing social media and internal communications to speak to the fans wherever the fans want to be.

It’s also the first site to use our dual brand platform where we show the player and the player charities to solve the age old issue of which site do you put your emphasis on. How do you introduce the fan to the charity and the the charity user to the player?

So far the feedback has been outstanding! We have been called and told that high ranking people in the sports industry think it is the best athlete site on the web, which is really a great compliment and was our goal all along.

We have launched a website, an all new iPhone app, custom Twitter page, custom YouTube page and coming soon we shall launch a custom Facebook page and an iPad application. Take a look, follow us, “like” us, tell us what you think!

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