Barry Zito Salutes Our War Heroes

What a great day yesterday was. Going to Scottsdale to be a part of Strikeouts for Troops annual spring training ceremony was something I wanted to be apart of for years but always had to settle for just posting the photos and admiring the brave souls that finaly get some well deserved recognition from afar. This year however I finally made some time to attend and it was worth every minute of it. Getting to see the troops up front and personal and hear their stories really was amazing. Also seeing Barry Zito, Jake Peavy and Matt Cain spend time with them and give them the proper amount of respect was outstanding as well. Each player seemed more impressed with the troops then the troops were with them.

Having worked with Barry on this charity for so long I always thought it was great to see how much time and resources he devotes to making sure they can pick up the check for so many of these soldiers who can’t pay for their medical expenses. But being there in person when there were no cameras rolling and seeing them hang out with each soldier and talk about their experiences in war was truly gratifying to see that this charity is not just another tax write off. It really comes from a great place and it is an honor to be involved with it.

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